So, I suppose here is where I do that blog posting thing. This week, I’ll share some links! This first one, courtesy of is a repost of an October 2011 piece about women and online harassment. The article shows evidence of what I believe is one reason why there are relatively few women in technology: namely, the fact that those few women who do enter into computer and technology-driven fields are often harassed to no end by those around them. The fact that people out there think bullying women for trying to get into computers is…disturbing, frankly. With Information Technology rapidly becoming an important field in world technology, I feel we need to be accepting of women, not bullying them.

And here’s an interesting Tumblr about Valentine’s Day. Apparently the account’s founder wishes to turn Valentine’s Day from a heteronormative capitalist holiday into…something else. As someone with a fairly strong dislike for the holiday (admittedly, somewhat due to…personal reasons), I found the idea of “Occupy Valentine’s Day” to be an interesting one. What are your thoughts, WMST 491-ers?

Sorry this post is kinda short, but…well, I forgot to do it. Big shoutout to Katie for tweet-reminding me.