So, I’m still having some trouble trying to decide on a presentation topic. I am currently leaning most strongly towards gaming, but I’m not 100%. I am definitely looking forward to the women in STEM discussion, since I am going into IT as a career and all.

Now, with that done, I feel like sharing links and such. I don’t have much to say of my own, unfortunately, so here, links!

First up, Tennessee is seeking to make abortion even more heavily stigmatized than it already is! Since the procedure isn’t difficult enough, let’s make information about doctors and patients publicly available so that we can endanger their lives! Yay! No, wait, that’s actually really fucking stupid. My bad.

Next up is some shocking news: Women make less money than men! I know, I know, shocking. I think it’s worth pointing out though; this issue should be brought forward again and again so we as a society can try to fix it.

Last up, a bit about a bot someone built to counter “that’s what she said” jokes online. Thought the idea w as amusing, figured I’d share.

Anyway, on topic: I am open to any and all ideas for presentation topics, even ones not yet mentioned. If you’ve got any idea or suggestions, 491-members, by all means please share them with me, I’d appreciate it.